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cTrader Copy: Copy Winning Strategies

Copy Trading has seen a surge in popularity over the recent years as investors became more savvy and started to look for alternative ways to diversify their portfolio and look for additional streams of income. 

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cTrader Copy: Introduction 

cTrader Copy is a built-in copy trading solution in cTrader, providing users with a one-stop platform for all of our copy trading needs. cTrader Copy started off as cMirror but as the years went on, countless improvements have been implemented to make the platform more robust. 

Based on my personal experience, cTrader Copy is one of the easiest-to-use Copy Trading solutions in the market and I will tell you why in the following sections. 

The Advantages of cTrader Copy

Be In Full Control

As an investor, you can start, pause and stop following any strategy at any time. Funds can be transferred freely between your cTrader accounts. Deposits and withdrawals are also unrestricted* so your capital will not be tied up to any single investment. 

Wide Variety of Public Strategies

Investors get to choose from a huge library of existing strategies provided by skilled and experienced traders from around the world. Different strategies with unique performance, fee structure, and trading styles cater to the needs of various investors.

Automated Profit Split

cTrader calculates performance fees and other fees automatically in a timely manner.  A high water mark model is also employed to protect investors’ interests, preventing double charging of fees. 

Total Transparency

Every strategy listed on cTrader copy has their own dedicated performance page. In these pages you will find detailed metrics and account strategy statistics, allowing you to understand the strategy better before you start copying. 

Portfolio Management

New sub-account is created for each strategy that an investor decides to copy. This ensures that the performance of each strategy is well reflected in separate accounts and allows investors to manage and diversify their risks cleverly. 

Equity-to-equity Copying Model

An equity-to-equity model is developed for accuracy, precision and exceptional risk management. Regardless of the investment amount, volume and trade size will be allocated based on the ratio between the strategy provider’s and investor’s equity. 


Full Flexibility- Add or remove funds anytime. Investors can set Equity Stop Loss and stop copying whenever they deem fit to manage risks better.

Wide selection of Strategies to copy from. Click on their profile and view more details. 

Detailed metrics- Understanding the strategy fully  and see if it suits your investment objectives 

How Do I Get Started?

  1. Create a cTrader account with FXPIG

  2. Confirm your cTID details in the email from Spotware -cTrader
  3. Fund your Trading Account (Multiple methods available)
  4. Log in to your cTrader account at

  5. Go to Copy Section on the left
  6. Select a strategy (s) and start copying

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Risk Warning:

Copy Trading and trading CFDs carry a high risk and may not be suitable for all investors. Consult  your independent financial advisor if you need more advice regarding your own financial situation and investment objectives. Past performance does not guarantee future profits.

*Deposits and withdrawals are subject to Anti Money Laundering laws  and rules set by the Regulatory Bodies.