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Become a Strategy Provider and Earn More: cTrader Copy

Are you a skillful trader who pulls profits from the markets consistently? Would you like to grow your trading business and generate an additional source of revenue?

If you answered yes to both of the questions above, then look no more as we have the perfect solution for you at FXPIG. 

We will be introducing cTrader Copy in this article, showing you its features and benefits and providing you with the exact steps to get you started. 

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cTrader Copy: What is it?

cTrader copy is a built-in copytrading solutions in cTrader. It allows anyone to be a Strategy Provider and also anyone to be an Investor to copy different strategies. There are mutual benefits for both parties, strategy providers can earn performance fees while investors get to diversify their risks and generate passive income. 

This article is specially written for those who wish to be a Strategy Provider.
If you want to learn how to copy strategies on cTrader Copy, click here.

Why choose cTrader Copy with FXPIG?

Easy To Start

✓ No special agreements needed

✓ Set up in a few minutes

✓ Can start with 0 existing client

The barrier to entry is almost non-existent. Just sign up for a live cTrader account at FXPIG and you can start trading and be a Strategy Provider. 

Beneficial Features

✓ Flexible fees structure

✓Tools for Promoting your Strategy

You can charge management, volume and performance fees to your followers, generating additional revenue while you trade profitably. A dedicated link if provided which you can embed in your website to reach a wider audience.  Your strategy will also rank higher on the Strategy List if it performs well. 

Investors’ Confidence

✓ Investors have full control over their funds

✓ Advanced Analytics

Your followers  have greater trust in you as your strategy page is publicly visible  and they have complete control over their funds. 

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Step By Step

  1. Log in to your cTrader account at
  2. Go to the “Copy” Section on the left (circled in yellow) and click on the trading account you wish to provide your strategy with (in blue box)

  3. Click on “Become a Strategy Provider” on the top right corner (circled in yellow)
  1. Fill in the form and click on “Become a Strategy Provider”


  • Give your strategy a name, preferably one that represents your style of trading and stands out among the crowd.
  • The Fees that you charge your followers will be credited to a separate account. This allows you to track your performance better and not interfere with your trading. 
  • Kindly hover your cursor over the 🛈 icon to see more detailed information. 
  1.  Your strategy is now published and you will see the “Provider” Label next to your trading account

  2. Continue to build your trading track record and compete to rank higher on the cTrader Copy strategy list

Strategy Visibility

A. Public

Once the setup is done, it’s now time to increase exposure for your strategy and start attracting potential investors.

Setting your strategy ‘public’ will make your strategy visible on the Strategy List on the main page of cTrader Copy.

Sharing Your Strategy

Click on the share icon (circled in yellow) and get the shareable link (See screenshot below)

You can send the link to your potential investors and it will redirect them to your strategy pages which displays all the useful information about your strategy.

B. Private

You also have the option to set your strategy as private if you want to keep it exclusive. If a strategy is set as private, only those with a one-time invitation link have access to viewing and copying your strategy.

To generate one-time invitation links, click on the same share icon as above and you can choose the number of links to be generated. The link will expire once someone starts copying your strategy with it.

Why Make a Strategy Private?

By setting a strategy private, you are only allowing certain individuals to gain access to view and copy your strategy. This can be very useful if:

  • You do not want your strategy to be publicly visible
  • You have your own group of clients
  • You are a strategy provider + Introducing Broker. This ensures that you receive your IB commissions on top of your performance fees etc.

What’s Next

A lot of traders are currently looking for alternatives after MetaTrader’s Ban. cTrader is the top choice for most traders because it has been around for more than 10 years with an indisputable reputation.

As more traders adopt and move to cTrader, it provides tremendous benefits for you as a Strategy Provider. There will be more potential investors which means more potential funds copying your strategy!

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity. Take the initiative and elevate your trading career.

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